Subject: Always the graph keeps growing.
Posted on: 2023-03-14 16:51:16 UTC

It's unreadable now in any reasonable size, but you can open the no-RP version here on Imgur. Sergio, you're right in the centre! I found a cowrite with you and Astral Void too, so you're a respectable little node.

There are still some very unexpected people stuck out in little clusters by themselves. I would have thought Laburnum and Trojie would be right in the middle, but apparently neither of them cowrote much at all. Even on the full version with RPs, Saphie and Meir Brin form a little island with a couple of friends, not linked into anything. It's very strange indeed.

If you - any you - have cowriters or RPs to add, this is the link. Only situations where both writers had an opportunity to react to each other go on - submitting an article to the Multiverse Monitor doesn't count. "RP" generally implies an open RP on the Board or Chat, and must have been published elsewhere afterwards.


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