Subject: I had calcolated I was in a four degree separation, with the link being through your chain.
Posted on: 2023-03-10 17:49:12 UTC

And indeed it seems to be the case. It's kinda mindblowing that said link formed only recently through our cowrite of Apples & Oranges 3 - until then I had a fifth degree one through iximaz and then again the Huinesoron-to-Jay route, which again formed fairly late as I think was shortly before I first left (so we're talking after about 6-7 years of PPCing!)

Earlier than that, I would've have a debatable link (also fifth degree) through Lily Winterwood, as I lent her Sergio, Nikki and Corolla for the main Blackout story. However, I had no writing imput in it (though I wrote a companion story to that) so as I said that link is debatable at best.

In my other cowrites, I think I am actually the link, but I'm not going to break it down here as all three of them have long left the PPC (and one of them kinda sourly too)

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