Subject: Thals is first-pass done.
Posted on: 2023-03-10 11:21:37 UTC

Thalia Weaver. Like with Agent Kaitlyn, I take the view that any and all characters by/inspired by the same author, with the same name, are the same person unless there is a strong reason to believe otherwise. So Thalia Weaver of OFUM == Thalia of the DCPS == Thalia partner to Shada == Miss Thalia of OFUCI. It means they bounce around a bit, but they were early-aughts kids, they pretty much did.

I still have to trawl through OFUM and track down her appearances there. I think the Namesake section should be acceptable? I've tried to keep it brief and stick to the pertinent details (wrote Rhus, PG, gone now).


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