Subject: And Huinesoron will answer, it seems! {= D
Posted on: 2023-03-09 16:38:28 UTC

Hope you don't mind if I slump with you. Slumping is better with a friend. {= )

I'm sad if the York reading is gone. Did you know it's linked from Fanlore's "legolas by laura" page? o.o (There's actually a bit of PPC-related content on there. Much of which is horribly out of date or plain incorrect, like this page. I don't even. What. But that is a matter for another day.)

The other reading I know about off the top of my head is the "Blood Raining Night" one. I think there were just the two?

Good on Neocities for being reasonable about non-illegal explicit content—and yes, that's the kind of policy I was talking about.

Community Members are indeed the subject of my next post. I like your Namesake suggestion!


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