Subject: Trying a different approach.
Posted on: 2023-03-12 11:51:08 UTC

I know we've been talking about including longer synopses, but "The Smasher" feels like it's trying to replace the mission report itself. I've always supported the view that the Wiki should not replace reading the mission - it should include enough detail to let you know you're in the right place, and then let you read the source text. For instance, my page on Dafydd describes him and Constance as getting together "in the aftermath of the mass exorcism" - if you want to know how it happened, you need to follow the reference.

So. legolas by laura applies that philosophy to a mission page. I've added Context for stuff which isn't necessarily in the same mission (Dafydd's partnership situation, the one previous Legendary), and Trivia for out-of-universe stuff. I've also explicitly separated out the charge list, and just kept it as a blockquote; and in this case, given the low rating of the badfic, I've put a link in (along with the Fanlore one). The actual Mission section is two short paragraphs.

Is it too short? Maybe. I've actually skipped over the plot of the mission almost entirely, in favour of highlighting incidents that might be of use to another writer (eg, the CAD shutting down when it realises it's in a Legendary). But I don't think a multi-page summary is necessary when the story is right there.


On the infobox: is there a reason not to swap "Index" out for "Spinoff" or "Spin-off"? I feel like it's a useful catchall term, and lets people use it for spinoffs that don't have an index page at all (eg one posted on FFn).


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