Subject: Oh, right, I was forgetting about the one who is a canon character, too!
Posted on: 2023-03-10 22:08:50 UTC

Yeah, you read that right. There a non-numbered version of my namesake PPC Agent who is a character in formally published media.

In World In Danger, a 2.5D indie retro shooter from 2017 whose developer happens to be a friend of mine and I provided some feedback and beta testing for the game (including a concept idea for the mecha that acts as the final boss) As such, I was offered the chance to be a "guest character" of sorts, and of course I asked for said character to be patterned after my old self-insert and later PPC agent.

I later gave the main four character of game a cameo in Black Sprite, to make the cameo mutual.

So, yeah. While WID!Sergio does have only a handful of flavor lines he says if talked with in free-roaming mode, he is a playable character in the "extended roster" secondary lineup. Pretty neat, right?

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