Subject: Six Degrees of Amusement
Posted on: 2023-03-13 11:15:14 UTC

Six Degrees master document

The graph at the top is a bit out of date at time of posting (computer won't download the new version), but it gives the right effect: a big blob of RP blue, with a halo of cowrite black around it. So you'd assume that if you took the RPs out, the whole thing would become a splintered mess with lots of separate subgraphs, right?

Astonishingly, it doesn't!

The only cowriters who aren't (currently!) linked into the graph are Linstar and Kі nо Shirayuki - everyone else is tied into the network. There's a lot fewer people on the network, because a whole bunch of people are only in through RPs.

In keeping with the original Six Degrees theory, the only person with a Thorntree Number higher than 6 is still Araeph, who just... didn't cowrite apparently? I've also checked IndeMaat today, who also... didn't cowrite? But the whole cluster around Iximaz, Skarm, and Voyd shows how a couple of prolific cowriters can really pull the plot together.

I'm continuing to expand the list, because... I'm still having fun. ^_^ And it's nice to see what an interconnected bunch of reprobates we still are.


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