Subject: I mostly like that.
Posted on: 2023-03-12 16:40:11 UTC

I agree, a mission page shouldn't be a substitute for reading the mission.

I think it should be a quick reference for the details. And that's why I don't love having the whole charge list as a block quote. ^_^; What about pulling the charges into a bulleted list, ideally with links to pages that discuss the charge in question? Maybe include a brief description of what the fic did to earn the charge, too. That way it's scanable.

I DO like the "Context" section—that can be an aide to people jumping in to read a noteworthy story even if they haven't read the rest of the spin-off. Great idea.

I also like highlighting incidents over giving a full plot breakdown. (My brain was not sure how to do that. Now that I've seen it done, I'll figure it out!)

I'd put "Trivia" above "Links." We probably don't want "here's how to leave the wiki" ahead of "here's more info you might want from the wiki."

Re. Index... yeah, all right. I think ultimately we might want it to link to a spin-off page on the wiki anyway, since so many (like the ones on Gdocs) don't have a dedicated main page of any kind.


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