Subject: Six Degrees of Jay Thorntree
Posted on: 2023-03-10 15:55:46 UTC

I hadn't realised until working on her article that Thalia Weaver had cowritten part of TOS. For a moment I thought that Jay might literally had designated her three cowriters as the original PGs (Bast coming in from Taken Far Too Literally's last chapters), but she had a couple of others too - the authors of agents Dee and Rhysdux. At least one of her cowriters, Thals, had her own cowritten spinoff, which got me thinking... is it possible to play Six Degrees of Jay Thorntree? Can we trace a path of 'X cowrote with Y' from any current PPCer back to the creators themselves?

I am happy to report that we can! My own chain is actually quite short!

By Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon rules, Jay's Thorntree Number is 0, so mine would be 3. Pretty good going!

I'm a tolerable hub for cowriters, particularly if we allow ourselves to count compiled RPs as mass cowrites: WikDiv PPC Edition has 14 or so writers, though a couple aren't credited (Tomash and Bookworm heckled Tash in issue 10), and I've been in others. You can probably hit other RPs through Neshomeh (the other cowriter on "Brown DragonRider"), or through Leto Haven (Deepy's cowriter on their spinoff, ran the 2009 Memorial RP). If we don't allow RPs, I'm largely a dead end, but Nesh has done more cowriting than me.

I wonder if there's any other routes back to Jay other than through Deepy? I've been looking, but most chains seem to taper off. Jay > Thalia > Mercuria works by way of OFUCI, but Araeph's visit there wasn't a cowrite. I'm treating everything in the PPC setting as counting, so OFUs are a valid approach, but I haven't run into a useful link yet.

Anyway, if you've done cowrites, post your Degrees of Jay Thorntree! I'd like to think we can get everyone back to her with a bit of work, though may not in under six.


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