Subject: Did Trojie not co-write with Sara?
Posted on: 2023-03-14 05:40:43 UTC

... I phrase this as a question despite already having looked into it and finding no solid evidence that she did. Agent Trojie worked with Agent Zach Homewood, who originally belonged to Sara, for the original LxC mission, but I get the impression that Zach was loaned for the purpose. I'm not sure.

And I don't know if Sara ever co-wrote with anyone else, either.

There are more RP connections in that direction, though. I found a 2008 holiday party when searching for Zach.

There was definitely a whole thing between Cassie Young (who took over writing Zach), Ekyl, Rilwen, and some others, too, I recall. How much of it ever got written as stories, though, I'm not sure.


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