Subject: siiiiigh
Posted on: 2023-03-08 03:11:45 UTC

2 (I'm kind of assuming Kimberton didn't read the page, and assumed Paolini was a badfic author like Squirrelking. I'm not making the obvious joke. Assuming we get the page back, I do think we should uh. make it a bit less witch-hunty? Guy was only a teen when he started publishing, and we wouldn't want potential newbies who like Inheritance to see that and feel dissuaded from joining . . . I don't know why I put all this in parentheses . . .)

3 Well, I don't think I get to say "I told you so," because I don't actually remember telling you so . . . >.>

4 Huh. Hum. Huh. Um. Ummmmmm . . . Hmmmm . . . Do we need a "Celebrian" page? Do we need any pages for individual badfics at all? They tend to just be descriptions of the bad stuff inside, which is already readable in the mission, and then a link to the mission, which itself is already available on some number of other character pages, and the new spin-off hub pages, and the continuum pages, and the killed badfic pages . . . It does feel kind of unnecessary? And worse than unnecessary, if they're going to attract this type of attention from admins on high? (The one exception I would make would be fics like That Series and "Subjugation" that had multiple "episodes" across different spin-offs, since they do have a rather unique self-contained story within our universe, and keeping all the links in one place does have value for ease of access.) I know, I know, "Celebrian" is "legendary" . . . but that's never really meant anything, yeah? Just food for thought.

7 Frustrating that someone clearly discovered our Wiki and went out of their way to cause bureaucratic trouble for us. Such is the way of the internet, I suppose. Human beings are so fun.

13 Nesh, I'm sorry you've had to deal with all this while feeling sick. I just peeked at the deletion log, and I see you've been very busy dealing with spam and troll edits for quite a while now. Once again, I hate that I'm not online as much any more to be handling some of this responsibility with you. I wish I could be tending to the Wiki as much as I used to, but my job is just very A Lot, and I'm not home as much any more. I'm sorry. : ( If there's anything I can help with in this current situation, let me know.

—doctorlit, Squirrelbutler

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