Subject: It's all a little vague.
Posted on: 2023-03-16 16:24:46 UTC

I think we've got most of the published RPs now, and all of the big-name character journals. But cowrites? I've mostly just followed chains of cowriters around. The most obvious example of that is Miah - Bryn - Maslab - firemagic, forming a big square on the graph where you can see me just jumping through agent pages to find cowrites.

At a quick look, Astral Void's main agent had five main appearances: three solo written, one cowrite with you, and one the Hallowe'en Cowrite. I'm excluding that because what we actually did was all post separate stories; it's more like an anthology.

Then there's the MSTs, and I don't know about that. Agent Ally did an MST with Laburnum, which is the name of a PPC agent written by the MST co-author Laburnum. It takes place in the PPC MST Theatre. But... Laburnum also talks about her other username, and seems to be implying that she hangs out with canon characters. So is this Agent Laburnum being weird, or Author Laburnum in an OOC RP space?

For the moment, I'm ignoring MSTs wholesale, which means yes, you seem to be Astral Void's only link to the graph.


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