Subject: I... dunno.
Posted on: 2023-03-10 16:56:00 UTC

I have that (still not finished) cowrite with Ki No Shirayuki, though I'm not sure if Yuki's done many other cowrites. I don't think... Ekwy's massive interlude with Mina counts as a cowrite. I have been in a few RPs, though. Let's see...

*The World Without Suvians thing.

*That one National Holidays RP with Meta

*Philharmonic of the Plot Continuum, before I had Permission

*That Plort RP with Bookworm that didn't really feature any of my agents

*That Sue-off thing, also not having any of my agents

...I'm pretty sure the last two definitely don't count, but...the others? I'm not sure.


Edit: Sorry for the mini, Ekwy.

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