Subject: Ah, I see why I thought there were more dramatic readings than there actually are.
Posted on: 2023-03-10 12:29:07 UTC

I have a folder for readings, but some of them are readings of missions, not badfics, plus Scapegrace's PPCitation Needed episodes.

So the actual dramatic badfic readings are My immortal, "Blood Raining Night," and Ziggy Mercuria Stardust reading "To Torment an Elf," which is her own old shame, and probably doesn't need to be rehosted. (I can't even find where I got the link in the first place, anymore . . .)

—doctorlit made the mistake of talking to a nicotine-addicted coworker outdoors near the end of her shift yesterday, and his esophagus is paying for the smoke inhalation this morning

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