Subject: What Now? Part 2: Pages about community members.
Posted on: 2023-03-09 17:10:58 UTC

We're not allowed to have pages about "non-notable living people," i.e. anyone who isn't a public figure. Sadly, that includes Jay, Acacia, Miss Cam, Meir Brin, and several other good and worthy folks who currently have wiki pages celebrating their contributions to our community.

This one makes me angry. Last night, I went through and marked all such pages, and I was near crying at having to lose some of them. Bjam! Leto Haven! NenyaQuende! {= (

There is good news:

  • Due to our tendency to have characters named after ourselves, some of these pages can be rewritten to focus on the fictional version of the person. Per hS's suggestion, it might even be acceptable to retain a short section about the character's namesake, so long as the page isn't "about" a real person.
  • Others actually have User pages, too, which are allowed and are freely editable, so we can relocate biographical content to existing User pages when possible.
  • We always have the option to make new pages about a person's works or events they were involved in.

So here's the plan:

In the categories for Candidates for Deletion and Articles That Need Work, you'll find Boarder pages I've labeled with one template or the other. (You'll also find some other stuff, like a bunch of unused images I haven't gotten around to deleting because I don't like doing it, but let's focus on the task at hand. ^_^; ) The template will include a brief on which of the above actions to take with that page.

If people will kindly volunteer to take one or two, and let me know when you've done what's in the brief, then I can take the final step of deleting anything that needs deleting.

Let me know if you have questions.

We might also consider creating an off-site Who's Who, but it's heckin' dicey to do that sort of thing in a non-freely-editable OR non-protectable space. FANDOM was nice because it allowed both equity for good-faith additions and recourse for bad-faith additions. I don't know how I feel about attempting a new PPC Directory-type thing on, e.g., Gdocs, which is less good at both of those things. Still less an individually operated site like mine or hS's.

Fanlore allows pages about fans, though. That's another option. I dislike it only because it's not "PPC space," and it feels skeevier to me to write about our people outside our own community-centric space. IDK.


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