Subject: Well, the Hermione troll did get a newbie who found the wiki and wanted to join.
Posted on: 2023-03-08 16:18:04 UTC

So that's a positive. I'd guess that Kimberton was alerted by one of the trolls we've been having? Maybe that Kahran guy?

As for Legendary pages: actually, there are reasons to keep them, beyond the series Legendaries:

First of all, not all Legendaries have missions--Agony In Pink doesn't have a mission any more, and isn't going to get one in the future, for example. My Immortal, Chibiusa's Seventh Birthday, Cloud Mows the Lawn, Partially Kissed Hero, Starkit's Prophecy, and (kinda?) Subjugation don't have missions yet, though some of them are Claimed.

Secondly, the summaries are kinda important if one wants to, say, know why Celebrian is bad in a non-detailed way, to decide if reading the badfic or mission would be too much.

Thirdly, they often contain links to other sporkings, dramatic readings, wikis, etc. of the badfic. In some cases, one could read that instead of the mission that hasn't actually occurred.

-Ls, Squirrel...yeller-at-er?

Edit: It's Kimberton, not Kimberly. How did I make that mistake?

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