Subject: The beacon has been lit - Neshomeh calls for aid!
Posted on: 2023-03-09 16:04:20 UTC

[Dramatically slams the double doors of the Board back; runs out of energy and just sort of slumps against them]

I'm happy to throw up a hub page for dramatic readings on the Multiverse Monitor Archives - I think it's in scope, and certainly fits better there than on the Lost Tales. I quite like that our two archives have such different focusses; there's a bit of overlap (Suedom could logically be on either), but largely they stand apart. Um... do we have a lot of dramatic readings? Sadly I think the York Gathering "legolas" may have died with my Google account.

The good news is that Neocities' T&Cs specifically do not ban explicit material - instead, they state "You understand that information available to you through Neocities may include materials that are unedited, sexually explicit or offensive to you and that your access to such materials is at your own risk. Neocities and its affiliates hereby disclaim any responsibility for or control over such materials." Which I think is what you wanted Fandom to be doing, tbh. (Obviously illegal, threatening, and harassing material are still banned.)

I see you've also sneakily saddled me with the "legolas" and "C_l_br__n" pages; thanks for that. ^_~ The good news is that the mission to Teh Bad Fic is pretty prudish - possibly too much so, it skips over vast swathes of what makes the fic so legendarily bad, but that's Historical Me for you. And I should have a link to the badfic at the foot of the mission, so it will be findable if anyone is feeling masochistic. I'll try and take a look tomorrow and see what I can do.


PS: I know you're going to get around to Community Members, but just throwing this in there: a lot of our founders have a namesake agent or other character. Jay, Acacia, Miss Cam, the Great Goddess GreyLadyBast, Thalia Weaver (DCPS), etc etc. The Fandom T&Cs talk about full pages on real people; a section titled "Namesake" on self-named inserts might be acceptable? Link to a userpage if they have one, or give a one-paragraph summary of who they were otherwise. "Miss Cam was the creator of [[OFUM]], and one of the three [[Permission Giver]]s designated by [[Jay#Namesake|Jay]] to carry on the PPC."

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