Subject: Oh, absolutely.
Posted on: 2023-03-08 21:30:49 UTC

I mean, the difference is that a User page is created by the user (and impersonation is not allowed, so no to dummy pages). A person can't dox themself, so FANDOM can't be held accountable. At least, I suspect the threat of legal liability for user content/behavior is what has them scared.

Which is unfortunate, because web hosts have been legally (in the US) off the hook for most content and activity by users for ages, but since the open Internet is currently under threat in the US... here I stop myself from digressing into a political rant. >.>

It could also be about not wanting to offend the delicate sensibilities of advertisers; I hear that's the excuse on YouTube. In which case [further political/economic opinions withheld].


I actually wanted to say: I invite editors to be as sarcastically twee as they can stand while editing pages that mention sex. I'm fantasizing about an entire cypher with code phrases like, idk, "sharing a vase," "petting the rooster," "drinking a milkshake," any other silly thing. {= P

Or, of course, we can always say "things we can't talk about on FANDOM." But that's less fun.


everyone and their grandma supports Net Neutrality why is this even still a debate aaaaaarrghhh

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