Subject: What Now? Part 1: What to do about the Legendaries?
Posted on: 2023-03-09 15:35:59 UTC

Here's the problem: FANDOM's Terms of Use state that a user may not:

Post, link or transmit any written, visual, or symbolic content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane

Emphasis added. Strictly speaking, we're not even allowed to have links to anything of an NC-17 nature. {= /

This is obviously bullshit, but it's bullshit that could get pages deleted by staff if anyone really gets in a snit about it, like they have with "Celebrian" and "Rose Potter." Especially if it involves a character who is technically underage or, gasp, a scary, scary sex act like anal penetration. (One could make the case that objecting to the mention of anal and kinks in general is discriminatory as hell, but I don't think that's a fight we can win with a US-based company.) Since that describes most if not all the Legendaries, we had better take matters into our own hands before FANDOM get the chance.

I propose:

  1. For Legendaries that have missions, revise the page to be about the mission. (We were already taking steps to replace Sue pages with mission pages; this is an extension of the same idea.)
  2. For Legendaries that don't have missions, delete the page.
  3. For the Legendary Badfic page, revise to include BRIEF descriptions of the fics, being as coy as if you were speaking with a particularly delicate six-year-old in the room.
  4. Where there are links that shouldn't link to a mission page, link to another, non-FANDOM resource, ideally Fanlore. If content is missing from Fanlore, consider adding it if it's important to you.
  5. For dramatic readings by PPC members, maybe hS has a place to link them from his site, if he's willing?

I hope that any authors of missions to Legendaries who are still around will step up to rewrite the pages they're connected to. For instance, I'll handle "Blood Raining Night" and "Subjugation."

For the rest, I hope other community members will volunteer to take a page or two. (For Sue pages, too, while we're at it!)

While it sucks to lose content and be restricted from discussing a traditional aspect of our community culture on FANDOM, and we're within our rights to be angry about it on principle, we should bear in mind that Legendary Badfic is far from the most important part of the wiki or of our community. Our own and each other's characters and stories should always be our main focus.


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