Subject: For the record, we won't make a page for every mission that exists.
Posted on: 2023-03-12 16:13:59 UTC

Not necessarily at you, just want to get ahead of the inevitable impulse I know people tend to have.

There are way too many missions in existence to reasonably have pages for all of them, and most of them won't warrant any special attention anyway. Missions (and other PPC stories) that have pages to themselves should be notable for one reason or another—e.g., they deal with a Legendary, or their target was particularly interesting, or they represent a noteworthy moment in the spin-off's or the PPC's history.

TOS falls into the last category in its entirety because it is TOS, of course. Pages we're converting from Legendary Badfic and Slain Sue pages fall into the first and second categories respectively.

But like, if "The Smasher" weren't an author-requested mission, it probably wouldn't warrant a page. The only other reason it might be considered noteworthy is that it's the first in the spin-off, but even so, it's bog-standard.

And we don't want to end up with an overrepresentation of missions by people who edit the wiki just because they edit the wiki. That's how things got out of whack for us on TV Tropes.


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