Subject: I thought about that.
Posted on: 2023-03-13 13:00:43 UTC

In the context of the old Monitor, to see if I could bring Starwind in.

I decided I couldn't. I feel a cowrite requires two writers to both be able to respond to the other's writings. Something like the Monitor is one way - you could add an editorial commenting on an article, but the article couldn't reflect your editorial. Similarly, I'm not counting the Halloween Cowrite years back, in which we all wrote our own stories and then strung them together afterwards.

Note the "be able to", though. If you're RPing together, you can reply to everyone even if you don't. So I'm saying that if you're in the same collected part of an RP, you cowrite even if you didn't actually interact.

It's all arbitrary, but it's hanging together so far.

(Cowritten articles would count, though!)

EDIT: After a few updates, we have a new longest chain: Jay > Deepy > kippur > Neshomeh > Iximaz > Voyd > Lilac_Lielac > KittyNoodles > SpecstacularSC = 8. Specs was closely linked to KittyNoodles, so it makes sense that he'd be out on the end; though if Lilac or Riese ever wrote with someone with a smaller Thorntree Number than 5 we could trim it down. Don't think I checked Riese yet.

(The no-RPs version is still alarmingly intact - just a couple of new closed loops on Trojie/Pads-Sedri, and Laburnum-kitsune106. Once again in Trojie's case, one of our most prolific writers never seems to have done cowrites.)


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