Subject: Trying a different, different approach.
Posted on: 2023-04-03 05:48:54 UTC

Spent the whole week rereading "A Southern Californian in King Cailan's Court" and taking notes! And here are the results!

I took some elements from Nesh's edit of "The Smasher," and some from hS's edit of "legolas, by laura." I personally like the result, but I'm worried there's still a bit too much there, despite how much of the "character/badfic history" section I trimmed out. I'm very open to feedback, although I'm going to bed for the night in a moment. Tomorrow, I'll probably go through and do citations, and add Officer Goodfeel to the Glossary. (Don't think we can add Bendrick, since his name never got changed?) But my brain is very done for now.

—doctorlit, a central Arizonan courting the Wiki

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