Subject: I am actually quite bad on that "characters with the same name" front XD
Posted on: 2023-03-10 18:01:46 UTC

As I mentioendi n the past, Agent!Sergio Turbo was actually the second such named character I created,.. and on top of that he's considered the third Turbo ,as I decided to consider a superhero character I had created in kindergarten/first grade (named very originally Super Sergio) the "first Turbo"

I have a fourth (recruited in Keiko's spinoff and renamed Shiro Turbo) and a fifth (from a Bakugai Kyoudai Let's & Go!! fanfiction I started and dropped after a single chapter) from my old shames time as well, and I have effectively created a sixth and seventh through The World Without Authors and its related Mai Dire Fine reboot The Story That Never Ended. Although, since Kath's Timeline!Sergio and TSTNE!Sergio are straight-up alternates of "Third Turbo", I'm not considering him sixth and seventh but 3.1 and 3.2 instead.

Which makes the various incarnations of Sergej Speed, Sergio's evil clone, 3C, 3.1C and 3.2C. I'm gonna need a graph for this... And a character dictionary for TWWA ASAP.

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