Subject: Ah, ok.
Posted on: 2023-03-09 21:56:03 UTC

I do worry, though, that the people on Fanlore might not like a bunch of PPCers editing all their badfic pages. This might just be me catastrophizing.

As for Legendaries, I don't think WarriorJoe will go through the Cupcakes mission, nor Laburnum and kitsune106 for For Your Eyes only, nor Trojie and Pads for LittlefootxCera (which really needs a rewrite), nor Kippur for Marissa Picard, nor Laburnum, kitsune106, insanegrrl, and Nin Brandt for That Series.

I don't remember if anyone sporked any Chaser Wolf fics, and I don't think terrofin will go over Naga Eyes, nor Trojie and Pads for To The Moon and Violation of the Evenstar.

I do wonder, though, whether Fanlore would object to us making articles for Bleepfics. Not all of them are well-known, and they might not like people coming in and making articles on random badfics.


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