Subject: Honestly the potential loss of the Dubious Lube page makes me sad... [might be straying into TMI]
Posted on: 2023-03-11 22:21:57 UTC

I get why Fandom wants to trim things down to make them fit into their neat little censored boxes, but at the same time... oof. Like I said in my bracketed tag, I really do have the PPC to thank for a lot of my early sex ed, growing up in a super religious and conservative environment. I've got y'all to thank for explaining why certain things in badfic are bad anatomy, why consent matters so much and in what contexts that might look different, what to look out for in a relationship... and literally the entirety of what safe sex looks like. I didn't have a safe environment to learn about this stuff as a teenager, and having the PPC gave me the tools to at least go "this sounds sketchy, I should look this up to verify". I really cannot state enough how much of a boon that was to me.

And honestly it just makes me so sad to see this being reduced to a barebones definition of what's appropriate. Are there lines to be drawn there? Sure—but it varies from teen to teen, and short of monitoring your teen's internet access 24/7 you'll never be able to set "appropriate" boundaries... which will again differ from person to person.

It's a whole mess with no easy cut and dry answers. But trying to censor everything pertaining to sexuality isn't it.

-Iximaz, rambling a little, but sad this is what things have come to

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