Subject: Er. No, not yet. ^_^; Here's what I'm thinking...
Posted on: 2023-03-10 16:16:12 UTC

We'd talked about swapping out Sue pages, but I don't think we'd gotten round to starting. I figure, we go ahead and start throwing a few at the wall, figure out what works, and standardize later.

My vague, fuzzy notion is something like a cross between an episode synopsis and what a mission report might look like in-universe, if that makes sense? "Synopsis" details could include what the agents were doing when the BEEP happened, any personal drama that played out during the mission, and the resolution or however things wrapped up at the end. "Report" details could include what disguises were used, what challenges the agents faced due to chargeable bad writing, and a brief dossier on any Sues or other non-canon targets dealt with.

But I don't know what's going to work in practice as far as formatting, so don't worry about it too much for now. {= )

I HAVE thought about naming conventions. Where there's no ambiguity, just [[Mission Title]] should be fine, but in the case of something like "Celebrian," where there's another page sharing the name, I think [[Celebrian (mission)]] is probably simplest.

I know there are some missions that share names, too, so if/when we run into that, I reckon we do as we've done with agents and go [[Mission Name (Author name)]]. E.g., if Ix and I both had pages about our missions titled "Family Ties," we'd have [[Family Ties (Iximaz)]] and [[Family Ties (Neshomeh)]].

Honestly, I think needing to disambiguate missions is going to be very rare, so I'm not going to worry about other fringe cases until we run into one. {= )

We will of course have categories, possibly starting with [[Category:PPC Stories]] to be inclusive of non-missions and adding granularity as needed. Like, we'll obviously need [[Category:TOS Missions]], for one. We might want [[Category:Tolkienverse Missions]], [[Category:Potterverse Missions]], etc. But we'll see!


(Edit: I did some accidental Markdown with parentheses? I don't get it. But I fixed it.)

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