Subject: Still playing Six Degrees.
Posted on: 2023-03-11 22:15:44 UTC

The highest Thorntree Number I've found so far is seven, ironically enough for early PG and prolific writer Araeph! She has crossovers with a bunch of characters (the DTE visit Thals and Merc at OFUCI, they hang out with Techno-Dann and Quen), but her only actual cowrite seems to have been with Rose C. Bomull. Who otherwise only cowrote with Nenya... who (I think) cowrote with Vemi once. So:

Jay > Deepy > kippur > Huinesoron > Vemi > Nenya > Rosie > Araeph makes 7.

I have managed to find a non-Deepy route back from the present PPC to Jay - Rhysdux cowrote with Jay and HonorH, HonorH cowrote with kippur - but it's a step longer. Leto Haven ran an RP once though, so at least not all routes run through me and Nesh. Still hoping for a long-lost Thals or Cam cowrite to emerge...


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