Subject: Right with you.
Posted on: 2023-03-12 05:45:01 UTC

I was fortunate enough to have decent sex-ed in my home, but for me, the PPC helped my baby ace brain learn to stop being horribly negative about sexual relationships as a subject of fiction. I have some deeply embarrassing comments about slash 'ships buried in reviews. ^_^; Not due to homophobia, but general sex-phobia. The Department of Bad Slash taught me there is such a thing as good slash, and by extension good 'ship fic in general.

Baby ace me was definitely scandalized by sexual topics, but without being exposed to that sort of thing, I'd never have grown to have a more tolerant and eventually positive attitude toward other people's sexuality. Or my own, for that matter—a Boarder was the first person to tell me asexuality is a thing.

So yeah, I really don't think it's the Internet's job to censor itself """for the children.""" I think it's society's job (parents, schools, and churches alike) to provide children with a quality sex-education so they can make informed decisions to keep themselves safe and healthy. And if that fails, as it sadly often does, then a free and open Internet is crucial for those kids who won't get the facts any other way.

However, since Fandom does have the right to make its own rules about what it will allow on its platform... le sigh.

Semi-tangent: I've been thinking about the Citrus Scale lately. It's one of our most visited pages, and IIRC, it came about due to similar censorship rules. We can certainly fall back on it now, and to me it feels a bit like getting in touch with part of real fandom's roots. Just goes to show that life fans will always find a way.


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