Subject: The Wicked + The Divine: PPC Edition
Posted on: 2020-08-12 10:12:23 UTC

Every ninety years twelve gods return as young people. They are loved. They are hated. In two years, they are all dead. It's happening now. It's happening...

... here?

Tanfin Illian had never been all that comfortable in PPC HQ. Partly that was due to the sheer number of people who knew his parents and wanted to talk to him about it, or (more and more, now that he was in his teens and pushing towards the 'ageless immortal' appearance he seemed destined for) actually mistook him for his father. Despite him being a couple of feet shorter, and having, y'know, two hands and significantly less of a superiority complex.

("It's not a complex if it's true," Dafydd had once said. Tanfin didn't disagree in principle, but 'House Fëanor is Just Better' wasn't exactly a hill worth dying on.)

More than any of that, though, was that he had never been comfortable indoors. He'd grown up on the slopes of the mountains, and had spent more time outside than in. He loved their home, which skillful application of PPC-pilfered technology had made more like an extension of the forest than an actual building, but even then he'd preferred to escape to the woods and hills.

Tanfin grimaced and shook his head, breaking out of the reverie. Brooding over The Injustice Of Corridors wasn't exactly elf-like, after all, and he had volunteered to get the kids. He'd get Jas' and Bella from Sprouts, swing by DoSAT to trade ruthlessly on the PPC's institutional guilt at getting his dad killed (and/or its fear of what his mom would do if they said no), and then head home and escape to the forest-

There was an old woman in the hallway. Even discounting her age, she didn't look much like a PPC agent; granted, she was dressed in black, but the lace mourning veil wasn't exactly on-theme. Tanfin slowed, wondering vaguely who she could be, then shrugged: not his problem. "Excuse me," he said, making to step past her.

She turned. The veil covered her face, becoming a mask shaped from midnight gossamer. Her eyes were startlingly blue, and Tanfin felt himself being drawn into them, examined, and set back on his feet in an instant.

The woman smiled, her face creasing around her lips. Those remarkable eyes glowed. "Once again," she said, "we return," and-

Tanfin was falling, through a void, through an ocean, through an infinity of leaves. The woman's voice was all around him, buoying him up and pushing him down.

"You are of the Pantheon," she said as he drowned. "You will be loved.

"You will be hated.

"You will be brilliant.

"Within two years, you will be dead."

The leaves swept in to claim him, cocooning him in autumn and spring.

"You are the Queen of the Earth," the voice went on, as the ageless forest suffused Tanfin and made him its own. "The Giver of Fruit. Of the forest. Of the harvest. Of deep roots undying."

The corridor returned, and Tanfin stood, feeling the woods singing through him. He was robed in green, a crown of branches on his forehead, and as he turned he felt the whole wild world turn with him. He faced the woman, and his eyes glowed harvest-gold.

The woman smiled, and reached out to him. "We meet again, Yavanna," she said, drawing him into her embrace. "I've missed you."

How To Play

This is a combination round-robin/art-share/roleplay. You write the kids encountering Ananke (the Old Woman); I'll turn them into gods and show you what they look like. Any additional RP after that is encouraged but not required; if it drifts over to the Chat, I'd ask that it be copied here once it's done so I can see. :)

This is broadly canon but doesn't require Permission to participate. It takes place over August 2020; Tanfin's encounter with Ananke (the Old Woman) takes place on August 1st; on August 31st, all godhoods will be in-universe revoked (yes, I know how and why). Former gods will suffer no ill effects from godhood, specifically including dying in 2 years. Other effects are assumed to be permanent, so please don't hurt anyone who doesn't want to be hurt!

Ananke can appear to anyone between the ages of 10 and 20 (loosely defined: 'adolescent of their species', 'mentally a teenager', 'age-regressed', or 'badfic-created 10-20 years ago' would all count). No time-travel to get there unless it's already established as part of the character, please. Ananke tends to appear in relative privacy, and - as seen - isn't one for introductions. She can still say something if you want, but it's usually pretty cryptic.

To join in, write a scene with your character encountering Ananke, down to the moment before she does her void/cocoon/empowerment thing. End by choosing a god for your character to become. This can be any fictional god, unless they're also a Real World god. Aslan, yes - Apollo, no. The god should be one you think is appropriate for your character, but doesn't have to be from the same canon as them. As Yavanna proves, genders (and other traits) are irrelevant.

I will write the descent/ascent, and draw the newly-anointed god. Please either link to a description/picture of your character, or give a short description here; otherwise they're not going to wind up looking like themselves.

The gods are still themselves - Tanfin's personality and memories are still intact, he hasn't been replaced or anything. But now he carries the absolute conviction that he is an incarnation of Yavanna. He will call himself Yavanna, not Tanfin.

The gods perform miracles. These are related to their theme: Yavanna here has growth powers, and probably food-generation, but can also tear things apart with roots. They also all have the ability to perform: to sing, to get right into the hearts of their listeners and inspire them. Canon examples have included "acid-trip hive mind", "nihilistic void", and "better than sex". Again, this stays broadly on theme: Yavanna is a bit Enya-ish, and tends to fill his listeners with aching nostalgia and longing.

Ananke is considered a free-to-use NPC for now (though please don't break her). For this game only, I will also make Yavanna (ie, Tanfin) free-to-use; as the first of the gods to return, he's probably going to be bopping around in the background a bit.

Multiple characters from a single Boarder are allowed, but please follow the Rule of Two A Couple: Only submit a couple of characters, leave a couple of posts or days between submitting, to give others a chance to play, and let's only have a couple of gods from any given canon.

There are only 12 spaces, so get in while you can. :)

For those who know the canon: no spoilers, no Persephones. Doing something fancy with your god - like giving it multiple forms, having a single god incarnate across multiple people, or lying in RP about who your god is - is perfectly fine as long as it makes sense for the god.

And no: the canonical gods will not be affected by this, or know of it in any way. :)


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