Subject: "You are of the Pantheon."
Posted on: 2020-08-14 22:29:18 UTC

"You are of the Pantheon."

Henry was subsumed in infinite, imminent blue. He knew there was nothing beyond it, because there was no thing beyond it.

"You will be loved. You will be hated. You will be brilliant."

A stream flowed by him, blue amid the blue. Henry reached out, touched it, felt it rolling endlessly past. 

"Within two years, you will be dead."

With a single finger, Henry diverted the stream's flow.

"You are of the Pantheon."


"We meet again, Ellimist."


"You are the transcendental presence."

Ah. That sounded right. Again.

"You are the transcendental presence. Bound up in your own laws. Rule-maker. Rule-breaker. The last effect and the first cause."

He stepped into the stream, and Time rose around him. Looking up into an aged, the Ellimist smiled. 

"Ananke," he said, seeing the surprise in her eyes. "We meet again. I've missed you."

-- and then (he was almost certain it was then), Bella Illian ran up and threw her arms around. "That was so cool!" she exclaimed. "Do it again!"

The Ellimist is a fun one. What's that cube in his hand? Is that a Hogwarts scarf, a Doctor Who scarf, or the very concept of linear time? Where (or when) do you get a robe with pockets? 

And yes, shades of Dr. Manhattan here (he's blue and temporally transcendent, what did you expect?). I don't think this Ellimist is quite that powerful; he has limited movement up and down the time stream, not actual temporal omnipresence.

And his symbol is a tesseract, because why not throw in a Wrinkle in Time reference too? You're lucky he didn't wind up with a Time Lord collar! 

(He also has longer hair now; you can only see it a bit, but it's there.)


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