Subject: Sprout budding.
Posted on: 2020-08-14 09:59:11 UTC

Henry Robinson was feeling grouchy. This wasn't an especially uncommon occurrence these days, but it was extra-unpleasant on the heels of what had been a pretty fun camp-out in the Miss Cam Courtyard. A few Sprout Posies had all gotten together, so there had been lots of kids around, including some that Henry didn't see at all otherwise, like the two Illian-Sims girls. Of their family, he liked Tanfin better—Tanfin was older, and he was cool, albeit maybe a little bit too cool for Henry—but he'd aged out a couple years ago. Jasmine, however, was his age, and Bella was just a year younger. Henry wasn't a huge fan of Bella, because she'd had a tendency to glomp him when they were younger, and he hadn't forgiven her yet. As for Jasmine, sometimes she was fun, but other times she was just... Henry didn't know. You couldn't say someone was a girl like it was a bad thing. But, he thought very quietly to himself, she was, though.

And here he was, stuck with the two of them, the last ones to get picked up this morning. They were annoyed that Tanfin was late, and Henry was grouchy because he'd stayed up late and he was tired and Sprouts was stupid anyway, and Bella kept trying to cheer him up, and Jasmine was ignoring him when he really wanted to talk to her instead, and he just didn't want to be here anymore.

It wasn't fair. Somehow, he'd thought turning eleven back in February would solve all his problems, but it hadn't. He'd thought he would feel older; he'd thought people would treat him differently; he'd thought he would at least be a bit taller. Bella had gotten taller than he was, and so what if she was half elf, it was still insult added to injury. And he'd still had to wait some more until he could go to Hogwarts (HFA, really, but close enough), the thing he most looked forward to in the whole entire multiverse, and even now it was still thirty whole days off. And why was he still waiting here when Ilraen was supposed to come get him and hang out with him the rest of the day until Mom was done with work? Sometimes he wished the time would hurry up and go already.

In the midst of glaring down at the ground and poking a fresh hole in it with a stick, he heard Bella say something. He looked up to tell her again to leave him alone, but stopped short with his mouth hanging open.

There was a woman in black standing there. A veil covered her face, but Henry knew she was looking at him, somehow. Her eyes were so blue...

(( Jasmine and Bella appear with permission from hS. Couldn't resist running with the Sprouts setup. ^_^

(( Henry, for anyone who doesn't know, is the Mpreg child of Harry Potter by Severus Snape, and he rather looks it. He has a long face and a tendency to look like he's scowling when he's really just thoughtful. He's begun growing his hair out, because he got the Potter "perpetually messy" curse and he figures being able to tie it back will help, and also cool people have long hair.

(( And he's about to become the avatar of the Ellimist, which may or may not mean turning blue...? {= D

(( ~Neshomeh is not normally awake this early, but since she happens to be up at the moment, figured she'd get this in while there's still time! ))

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