Subject: Lucian was late, of course
Posted on: 2020-08-20 00:50:52 UTC

Lucian ran into the door. As in, literally running into the door. After a moment of daze, Lucian finally figured out that it was a door and opened it.

"My apologies, I was kept behind by a mortal," Lucian said, trying to sound like a god. She noticed the table and the seats... and the gods. Definitely saw the gods. She froze metaphorically and quickly looked around, trying to find her seat so she was less of a distraction.

I probably interrupted something important. I'm gonna kill that dang mini.

"Uh, where is my seat?" It was then that she realized she forgot to close the door behind her and closed it with a slam.

She felt more frozen. What was she supposed to do? All the others looked like, to her at least, they knew what the heck was going on. She figured she had to break the ice somehow. How?

"Uh... hi?"

Lucian doesn't know what she interrupted, if anything. Sorry for not being here earlier, but school. Lots of school.

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