Subject: It is absolutely a ride. [No spoilers]
Posted on: 2020-08-14 11:35:19 UTC

One of the things that really grabs me is that it stoically resists absolute Goodies and Baddies*, in what's effectively a superhero comic in disguise. This is evident in the very first issue, which uses as its lead characters Laura - whose first significant line is "I want everything you have" - and Lucifer, the actual Devil. "Hey, you guessed my name."

But somehow, it's still a surprise every time someone reveals themselves to be better or worse than you've come to expect.

*Absolute Nice and Absolute Awful, now, that's a different matter. ;)

The biggest shocker for me - still no spoilers - was when I first saw that the title of the last arc was "Okay", quotes included. Yeah, 'cos that's not an ominous reference at all...!

(It had about the same impact as getting to the end of Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune, with Ella the Harpy's prophecy - 'Wisdom's daughter walks alone/The mark of Athena burns through Rome' - and learning the title of the next book in that series... :D Either of these was a much bigger moment than finding out the title of Star Wars: Episode CXVII - Dark Days, Jedi Nights or whatever.)


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