Subject: IC: Questions
Posted on: 2020-08-17 12:23:50 UTC

El-Ahrairah looked around at the Pantheon, or at least, those that were present. He didn't recognize any of them - at least, not in terms of who they had been. Nor did he entirely recognize their symbols. The skinny lad in the wooden crown was the only god to speak thus far, and from his modes of dress and speech El-Ahrairah presumed him to be some manner of harvest deity. Or perhaps her, rather than him; he dimly recalled from some of his previous recurrences that the gender of the divine did not necessarily match the gender of their mortal body. He'd lucked out in that regard; his form was male, and given that there were so many genders and gender expressions to choose from in the mortal realm, he counted that as an early success. He'd counted at least six, and that was just among the human populace; other species might have who knew how many more.

It was going to be fun finding out.

Still, he had some questions, and so he stood, placing the First Rabbit on the table where it could hop around freely and snack on a banana chip. "My lady Ananke. For all that this is a great privilege and honour to be part of a court of my divine equals," he said, indicating the assembled gods and goddesses with a sweep of his cane, "there are thoughts that trouble me. To properly express them, and make them plain, I must talk about my mortal form's origins. I do hope that this is not... upsetting for anyone.

"My mortal host, or previous life, or however you wish to call it, was not born, at least not in the conventional sense. Agamemnon Wymbourne was a half-Suvian bit from an obscure canon, created to be a comically cheerful child and dutiful son for the being that spawned him from mere aether. He was not born, but made, as one might a golem or other such idol. How then can he have been my reincarnation? The lines of species, of birth and death, I... forgive me, my good lady, for I seek only to understand. How did I rejoin the world? How did we all? And how, if you will forgive a young buck's impudence, did you?"

He looked into Ananke's eyes, so blue, so very blue. The First Rabbit hopped over to him and nuzzled at his hand, and his gaze was broken before whatever thought had been brewing in his subconscious could come to mind.

welp, here be scape askin the tricky questions. it's no fun if you don't make the dm think. =]

Thank you for your kind words about the subplot with Algie and Lola, by the way. I wanted to do mortals investigating the Pantheon and their powers, and since I've got a DIA agent with skin in the game, it seemed a logical choice. I'm glad it's fitted in well with what you had planned. =]

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