Subject: Yavanna flinched visibly.
Posted on: 2020-08-17 19:21:56 UTC

He glanced to his right, then leant forward across the table. "What do you know?" he asked. "Have you seen--?"

Once again, Ananke stilled him with an upraised hand. "It is as you say, Lady Kee'ra," she said. "The future is not a simple matter even for mortals. For you children, whose purpose it is to shape that future, knowing it is almost impossible."

She held up both hands, her dark silhouette an image of balance. "Many times have your predecessors fought amongst themselves, or struggled against their destiny. Some have interfered in mortal affairs, even turned their powers against those they were meant to inspire." One hand lowered, and the shadows around her seemed to thicken. "Down that road miracles become madness, and songs become screams."

She let the moment hang, and then smiled, raising her hand once more. "But others - many - hold true to their purpose. They sing, they teach, they shine like a star in the world - and, when the time comes, they pass joyfully on to the next Recurrance."

I apologise for Yavanna always getting a word in - I only have one god to play with, so if I need to add something, he's the one who has to do it. :)


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