Subject: "Henry. Henry Robinson?"
Posted on: 2020-08-18 10:53:02 UTC

Yavanna looked the blue god up and... well, further up, since he was significantly taller than Yavanna himself, for all that the latter was two years older. It just didn't make...

... ah. Yavanna threw a look at his oldest sister, who had returned to practicing her scowl. "That's why Jas' was talking about making her older," he concluded. "Ellimist... I don't think I know the name. You're a god of... growth?" He cocked his head, considering. "No, probably not, with the blue. Age, or something? I don't know, I'm just guessing. This," he waved a hand, and a green aura flickered around his fingers for a moment, "is all very new to me."

"Is that why you were late?" Bella piped up. "Because you shouldn't be late, Tanfin. Hen- the Ellimist wouldn't be late, and he met a creepy old woman."

"You shouldn't call him Tanfin," Jasmine hissed in her best stage whisper. "He's Yavanna now, remember? Respect that."

"Oh, right." Bella bobbed a curtsey that would probably have looked better were she not in a somewhat muddy Sprout uniform. "Sorry, Yavanna." Her brow furrowed for a moment. "Wait - isn't Yavanna a girl?"

"Bel-la!" The whisper was even louder now. "Respect it!"

I'm sure this isn't the first time the girls have run into the concept of names or genders changing; it sounds like the main word that's gotten stuck in their heads is 'respect', without being too clear how you use it.

If later art shows the Ellimist as Adam Driver, you have only yourself to blame. ^_~


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