Subject: Well, I've been meaning to be more involved lately, so...
Posted on: 2020-08-14 01:42:34 UTC

Bored. Again.

This happened, from time to time - whatever had caught his fancy suddenly lost its luster, and Apecian, now having nothing to fix his attention on, was left very, very, very bored. But he wasn't one to sulk about it - well, he tried not to be, anyways. So he was here, in the Courtyard, idly looking for someone who wouldn't mind doing something with him.

You wouldn't think you'd be able to find a tangle of trees as thick as the one he was currently walking through in this sort of place, but, well, HQ had a way of twisting itself up and throwing impossibilities at you that you just sort of had to get used to. Not that landscapes weren't completely insane in actual worlds half the time, anyways.

As he picked his way over a snarl of roots, he saw a woman, dressed in black. He broke into a grin and started walking towards her - yes, a person! - then paused when he saw the veil over her face. That was one of those mourning veils, wasn't it? Should he back off for a while, give her some space...? But, no - she wasn't crying, or anything, and was actually walking towards him. He nodded to himself, and started towards her again.

"Hey there," he called, once she was within earshot. "Do I know you?" Didn't hurt to ask, what with how some people went through faces around here.

Apecian was pretty sure she smiled at that, but those eyes - those eyes - made it even harder to tell than it would have been otherwise.

"Yes," she said.

Alright, so let's go! First, the easy part - descriptions! Apecian is a lightly-built guy, just shy of six feet, and has dark, slightly curly hair that he would keep short if it ever bothered to grow that much. His eyes have slit pupils, and it's rare to catch him without at least a bit of a smile on his face. For a (hopefully) usable image reference, allow me to pull his from his page and put it here.

... Goodness gracious that's back from when everyone was using Rinmaru wow I need to write something Soon yeesh.

Anyways - as for who he'll be taking the role of? I'm going with Exalted's Gaia. She's not the Greek Earth Mother, I'm pretty sure she's just called Gaia because whenever you have a character with earth-ish powers and anything resembling a maternal bent. It's not the maternal aspect I'm focusing on here, though - Exalted's Gaia is effectively the concept of Growth itself. She is - for a very oversimplified description which mightn't be wholly accurate since I may or may not be speedrunning rulebooks (2E, if you're curious) as a refresher to make sure I get in on time and most of them are very light on details about her - the idea of a thing being able to become more than it is. I'm pretty sure, anyways. She does have powers over the natural world of Creation, but those may or may not apply here since those powers come from it being her literal body, in the same way as the other Primordials have control over their bodies (though theirs are a lot weirder).

Assuming this is an acceptable submission, for his godly form, whatever he's wearing might be best if it looks... complete, but incomplete. Like there's something more yet to be added. Or maybe just like he hasn't quite grown into it yet. And now that I think about it, it probably ought to have some draconic elements added in, and fire, water, and air influences. And also probably ought to have some... actually, honestly, I'm not entirely sure what aesthetic Exalted is going for. ... Or if that's too much, which it could be and which is perfectly understandable, a more classic earth deity aesthetic with minimalistic senses would work. By which I mean chop off as much as feels amusing, because what's the point of fancy clothes if you're just going to literally burst out of them in a minute or three anyways?

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