Subject: OOC: Oh he looks so CUTE!!!
Posted on: 2020-08-13 19:41:18 UTC

I wanna snuggle him and feed him a carrot and his ears look so soft I just want to rub them aaaaaaa-


So, couple of things. First, thank you for the art and the kind words, I really appreciate them both. Second, I'm not sure what to do now? Should I have El-Ahrairah interact more with Ananke? Should I have him hop off to his dad and ask what happened? Should I make him have an existential crisis about his Suvian heritage manifesting and turning him into a cute lil bunny boi OC with a Cute Animal Friend? What's the correct path here? Or rather, what's the one best suited to canon-friendly interactions with Ananke?

(also has anyone in canon noticed that the reason ananke is spelled like that is because classical greek and latin don't have soft c sounds and thus nobody would notice if they spelled it that way that it's really, really similar to anansi?)

Finally: English magic is based upon asking nicely and diplomatically invoking the bonds of fealty and obeisance between the spirits of the world and the Raven King. This doesn't really change based on who is doing the asking. What does change is the fact that as a god, even a god of small animals, El-Ahrairah might have the ability to form and enforce his own new bonds and thus make new spells possible. Even if they only apply to rabbits. it's a really interesting thought. I'll have to think about what to do with that...

But yeah, thank you so much for letting me take part in this. I look forward to putting together an in-character response in a bit. =]

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