Subject: "Huh? Oh! Hey there, Ellimist!"
Posted on: 2020-08-30 15:42:11 UTC

He almost stumbled on the name - almost. It was, for some reason, incredibly tempting to use Elly as a nickname for him, and he really couldn't say why. "A minotaur, huh? Well..." He thought about it for a minute, then shook his head. "I don't think I saw one back there, but could be - I definitely didn't have time to explore everything with all the setting-up to do. Though..." He glanced backstage, and frowned. "You know, someone could get lost back there... Eh, I'll set something up before the show starts to lead 'em out. So - you're in, right?"

Ah, the perils of doing this on the Board - people have lives and stuff and thus things proceed just a bit more slowly than they might otherwise. :P

Aye, that makes sense. I'm guessing either the Ellimist volunteered, or Gaia was a bit worried about the logistics of getting whoever was doing the... intermissions, I suppose, on and off the stage quickly, then figured, "Oh, hey! I'll ask the guy with time powers to do that because he can probably set things up and break them down in about two seconds."

He is kidding unless and until there comes a point at which a minotaur (which may or may not actually be perfectly friendly) bursting into the auditorium becomes desired? :P

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