Subject: Lady Kee'ra stayed tensed even as she made sense of, well, everything.
Posted on: 2020-08-15 06:54:26 UTC

It didn't take too long for that to run its' course, though, and she practically threw down her curved daggers in her efforts to accept the hug. Ananke probably spoke to her, but she couldn't remember a word with all the excitement.

At that, Lady Kee'ra -- no, not quite. Ihmsan was her true name, but the title of Lady Kee'ra was also her own -- remembered the hair clip that dastardly warbaa'd had taken, left forgotten on the floor from the ascension.

Detaching herself from Ananke, she stooped to pick up the Miraculous. Barely had she touched it when a wave of black and red spread over the surface from the tips of her fingers, the five peacock plumes turned to warbaa'd feathers. Pommi would certainly be in for a surprise...

Retrieving her weapons, Lady Kee'ra gave Ananke a hasty goodbye and set off to find somewhere decently private. There was much to tell her kwami, after all.

What no I'm not desperately trying to avoid writing Ananke's dialogue out of fear of getting her characterization wrong, what are you talking about.

(Also feel free to have anyone bump into Maryanne! I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's fun!)

On a different topic, this is actually one of the Khura'inese characters and I'm not sure whether that design choice of yours was intentional or coincidence but I absolutely love it and it's making my fangirl heart squeal. And, yes, Rayfa does indeed dance.

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