Subject: Gaia looked up at Yavanna and waved as he approached.
Posted on: 2020-08-27 04:17:46 UTC

"Already?" he asked, after taking a moment to process who he was talking to - how had he missed him coming in? Ah, well, things happened. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I was pretty sure we were gonna get pretty full, but I wasn't expecting people to be in a huge line or anything yet. And as for how I got the word out - I mean, you've got to have heard some of your fans talking about your thing a few days ago, right? Plus, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a lot of guys." He laughed a little at that, apparently amused at himself, which was a most un-godly thing to be.

"Oh, and we've definitely got room for you! There's, well - " he reached into a pocket for the not-quite-a-phone and began messing with it. "I mean, if all of us showed up - I'm pretty sure the one of us I haven't run into yet, the one with the bird symbol who isn't Tash, knows about it too - I've made sure nobody'll have to be left out. And it'd be great to have you, really! Pretty sure there'll be some of your fans in the crowd tonight, and it'll be good to give 'em what they're hoping for."

He let Yavanna handle the bush, figuring it probably wouldn't be a good idea to accidentally shove miracles into each other, but said when he was finished, "You know, I coulda taken care of that for you." He peered curiously at the hazelnuts and asked, "Are those something you've got up your sleeve for the show?"

Ah, thank you! I'll make sure to remember that when it's time. And so am I! I think that the more gods there are and the more ways things can explode, the more fun this will be - I'm hoping to maybe get half of us on board, but, well, life and variable attraction to different subthreads (which is not a condemnation, to be clear to any and all other people listening) is a thing. :P (I definitely wouldn't mind more than half showing up, though. Just trying to set a bar to hope.)

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