Subject: The Ellimist rose next.
Posted on: 2020-08-19 19:04:22 UTC

In one respect, he had just showed up, but equally, once he arrived, he had been there from the start. He looked like—well, "Kylo Ren's Force ghost" had been a fair assessment. To all appearances, he was about seventeen, nearly six feet tall and just starting to fill out in proportion to his height. The padded shoulders of his robe helped the impression. He looked around the table, the faint luminosity of his blue skin doing nothing to lighten the frown on his long face.

"I'm the Ellimist," he said. "You might know about my long struggle against Crayak, or my work with the Animorphs in the Andalite-Yeerk war. I am the Transcendental Presence." He nodded to Ananke in thanks for the title, which was really fun to say. "My gift is to be in the Right Place at the Right Time. I've been called the 'great meddler', but my way isn't to change things myself, it's to give others a fair chance at making the best choices for themselves. And, while it's my turn, I just want to say a few things."

He paused and took a couple breaths. This public speaking thing was hard. Fortunately, the words seemed to come to him as though he'd already spoken them, and he sounded pretty good, if he did say so himself.

"I probably don't have to tell you guys 'with great power comes great responsibility'. We've all heard that a million times, right?" He smiled briefly. "But it's true, though. We're here to do a job, to inspire people, and to do it so well it'll last ninety years. That's really important, and we have to do it, but we have to be careful, too. We should be responsible to each other, not just the mortals. We're kind of like a family now, so the older gods, or the ones who've done this before, they should look after the younger ones. And if it looks like anyone is losing their way, we should help them. ... At least, that's what I think."

He looked around the table one more time, nodded, and sat down.

"I have to tell you about the future!! Except not, because that's totally against all the rules!"

... That might count as a performance? That wasn't my plan going into this post, but I also haven't settled on a performance style for him yet, and, well, oration is one, right? IDK, your characters can be inspired or not as you choose, I guess. ^_^;

Note for Ix: I think there's a pretty good chance Henry and Zeb have at least met once or twice, given that they've got some connections in common. I think he'd like Zeb, especially if he met him first as a friend of Ilraen's. Henry at this point is not Jacques' biggest fan, and if he knows Jacques and Zeb are anything other than buddies who like to bake together sometimes (which he might not), he'd probably think it's pretty weird. Mostly on the basis that anything involving Jacques is already weird by default, but still. ^_^; I don't know if either of them would recognize each other in their current forms, though!

For anyone else, if your character would be likely to have met Henry via the Nursery, classes, Sprouts, or whatever, I'm cool with establishing those connections.


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