Subject: "You are of the Pantheon."
Posted on: 2020-08-14 12:39:27 UTC

"You are of the Pantheon."

The earth opened beneath the Calico and swallowed her whole. Countless tonnes of stone closed over her, entombing her.

"You will be loved." The voice was a murmur in the rock, the only sound in endless weight. "You will be hated. You will be brilliant.

"Within two years, you will be dead." The slightest pause. "All nine times."

There was no sense of movement, no rushing of air as the Calico fell, but she knew - somehow she knew - she was falling into the Earth's very heart. The pressure built, crushing her, unbearable.

Then the Earth's heart opened to her, and she remembered that even coal, under enough pressure, can become diamond.

"You are the Mountain of Light. The mother of winds. Of life. Of adamant.

"You are the heart and soul of the world."

And she was light, stepping into HQ with all the unstoppable assurance of a landslide. She looked up at the human woman, and golden eyes met clear-sky blue.

"We meet again, Stone," the woman said, her lips curving into a smile. "I've missed you." She hesitated for a moment, then held out a hand. "Would you like a stroke?"

A cat cosplaying as a mountain. o.O I think you win the prize for the most creative pick.

Since I have no idea how you'd put a belt on a cat, I've left it off. The art here is deliberately imprecise - is that a diamond or markings? What's going on with her tail? Halo of light, mountain-shaped aura, or path into the distance? I mean... she's a mountain now, trying to capture that was always going to be weird.

I apologise for the cat jokes. Feel free to bite her; she probably won't blow your head off for your impudence.


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