Subject: No and yes. :)
Posted on: 2020-08-13 14:15:37 UTC

1/ It's hard to give a firm description, but I would say any god/'god' who operates broadly independently, or with a pantheon at their own 'level', would be fine. From what I can see, Avacyn is the 'chief god' of her religion, for all she was created by someone else and is limited to a single world. She would count, even if she occasionally has to refer things up or follow instructions from above.

As a counterexample, someone like Uriel from Dresden Files would not count, because he (by his own admission) does only the Almighty's will. (Also he's a Real World archangel, but the point stands.)

2/ This should also be fine. There's a 'use common sense' limit here, but generally, it's actual depictions of Real World gods I'm avoiding, not anything that looks like them if you ignore context.

(Would H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon be allowed, since he's ostensibly the actual Canaanite god, but actually bears no resemblance to it? Um... dunno! Definite borderline case.)


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