Subject: "You are of the Pantheon."
Posted on: 2020-08-15 18:12:23 UTC

"You are of the Pantheon."

Jiwon fell, clouds receding above him, lights like an infinite city spread out beneath him. His tail streamed in the wind; his scream was left far behind.

"You will be loved. You will be hated. You will be brilliant. Within two years, you will be dead."

There was no way to save himself, absolutely nothing he could do... except that beside him, inexplicably upright, inexplicably keeping pace, fell a simple black umbrella.

He reached out.

"You are the adult in every room. The tender of childhood woes. Chastiser. Teacher. The Moment when the wind changes."

Umbrella in hand, coat immaculately groomed, heels pressed primly together, he drifted to the grey floor of the corridor and greeted the respectably-attired old woman with a precise nod.

Ananke returned the nod. "Mary Poppins," she said, "we meet again. I've missed you."

That was so much fun.

I've not actually read the Poppins book (Kaitlyn keeps telling me I should), so I've had to go from the film and Wikipedia here. Originally I had him as 'the child of the East Wind', but 'adult in every room' really spoke to me. And I really like the idea of him not just repeatedly invoking, but being the change in the wind, in some sense.

I'm afraid his coat came out looking like a dressing gown (it's the sash), but it is definitely a coat. And those are white gloves. No carpet bag, though - the umbrella seemed like enough. (The necklace is there, though it's wound up looking more like a pattern on the meant-to-be-hanbok.)


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