Subject: (OOC: Now I need to draw her.)
Posted on: 2020-08-13 23:26:23 UTC

She looks adorably grumpy, like "I had an entire empire, but you made me abandon it? Fool. You shall regret that."

Yes, you did Lucian justice. It describes him pretty well, at least to me. After all, he did overthrow several empires/tyrants (Destroyer of worlds and I guess could be savior as well? Maybe?) and Dark Lord's Homecoming spoilers

Quick query: Did her height change? If so, that's fine. If not, that's also fine. And if it's up to me, her height changes. It's a win-win-win scenario.

Her eyes are blue now. Gotta keep up with Lucian's blue theme.

Edit: Did a quick reread of the first four chapters. So, Lucian (and now Kitty, for right now) has access to The Power (yes, with caps) which basically, along with his/her Aspect (Evil, duh) allows him/her to:

Summon Portals (ringed with blue (assumed harmless) fire)

Have invisible defensive shields

Heal self/others (Although why Lucian would do that, other than for his/her own gain, is beyond me.)

Summon a lighting ball of sorts, which can be thrown down the hallway

Summon meteors and crack the ground, although this takes a lot out of Lucian

Lie a lot and have people believe said lies (Lucian is often called "Master of Lies" so this is based more off of assumption than anything else.)

Conceal self and others

That's all I found.

(The mix he/she pronouns are because Kitty is female and Lucian is male.)

(Multiple edits for clearer reading and adding "others" to concealment.)

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