Subject: Let's give it a go!
Posted on: 2020-08-15 05:57:05 UTC

HQ could be so fascinating.

At least, that's what the little girl currently wandering through the halls was thinking. Selena Hawke had stumbled through a plothole. Again. This wasn't exactly a new occurrence for her. As long as her brother was here, she'd probably keep popping up. For now, though, she took the chance to walk her way through the halls and enjoy her free time.

She rounded a corner, narrowly twirling around a woman who was standing in the hall. Selena gave a cheerful wave, about to greet the woman before she noticed the veil. "Salve, Signora, are you alright?" The girl knew enough to understand what that veil meant. "Is there anything you need?"

Her attention was momentarily distracted when a glass ball rolled into her foot. She glanced down, then picked it up and looked up and down the hall. They were the only ones there. She had no clue where it came from, but after a moment she noticed it start to glow.

"Signora, is this yours?" Selena thought the lady might have smiled at that, though the veil made it hard to tell.

"No. It's yours."


So, descriptions: Selena is a fairly normal looking 10 year old girl. Black hair, with a single brown streak in the front. Blue eyes, a short floral dress, and a massive smile.

As for her role, she's taking the role of Meridia. Best image I could find for her: Here you go. Particulars are entirely up to you, but I'm assuming something light based, given Meridia is a goddess of Light, Life, and Energy.

Hopefully that's a good intro, and thanks for the fun Hs!

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