Subject: RP Sub-Thread: Let The Show Begin
Posted on: 2020-08-23 05:10:28 UTC

Timefix: August 7th (4 days after Yavanna's concert; 5 days after the Council of the Gods; 2 days after the beginning of Rumors)

There were a truly surprising number of auditoriums in HQ. Sure, everybody knew about the Large Auditorium, the Small Auditorium, and the Really Very Tiny Auditorium, but there had to be at least half a dozen more. Gaia wasn't sure how many people had known about the Who Do You Think You Are, Apollo? Auditorium before this, but he was pretty sure it'd be all over HQ by the time they were done with it.

He walked over the truly impressive stage again, making sure it would be able to stand up to or recover from anything the new gods could throw at it. ... Well, anything they could throw at it accidentally, anyways. They could probably break anything if they tried hard enough. He then slipped into the backstage area, which somehow managed to be even more impressive than the stage. It was so well-stocked that he wouldn't be surprised if somebody could live in the rooms back here - or several somebodies, really. And as for performance gear, well... there were at least fifty different guitars, more drum sets than he could count, enough microphones for a modern World One army, pianos, violins, flutes, tubas, and - well, he could be there for at least an hour listing off the instruments there that weren't barely-known oddities from an oft-forgotten corner of a canon maybe three people knew. And the storage room for those was so big he was surprised he hadn't found some sort of instrument dragon hiding away there. ... Though that did give him an idea for later.

Not that musical equipment was all of it, oh no - costumes of all sorts, for anything from a boyband to a Shakespearean production (though how much difference was there, really?), props and set pieces for plays, magic equipment - not that he really thought any of them would be bothering with that, but hey, someone might be into it - puppets of various sorts, and some really odd stuff - he thought he might have seen the equipment to record a movie buried in one of those rooms. Honestly, he hadn't had time really get into everything - maybe he'd ask the Ellimist to retroactively tell him before anybody else got here, or something, but he didn't think it'd be that big a deal. He had checked the quality on everything here, and was pretty sure it'd all meet the standards of the other gods. And if it didn't, well, he was pretty sure they'd find a way to whip up anything needed.

Back out to the front again, this time to survey where the audience would be. This auditorium was definitely larger than the Large Auditorium, but how much, he couldn't say. Honestly, there might only be a hundred or so extra chairs relative to that one, and he might not notice, but the large, empty space, which would probably end up serving as a dance floor tonight unless literally all the gods chose something you couldn't really dance to, between the stage and the seats meant this auditorium could probably seat at least two thousand with the extra chairs that were stored there. He grinned, imagining what would come. Some might call it hubris. Some would reply that hubris is a concept for people who aren't gods. Some would say to that that, given the fluctuating numbers of PPC employees, how could he be sure there were two thousand or more people who could even attend? Some would answer by saying that anything is possible when you believe, and are also, you know, a god. Some would question how that answered anything. Some would ignore that question and continue fantasizing about the huge numbers their concert was going to pull. They were gods, after all - by the end of tonight, this room would be packed, he was certain of it.

He pulled out his... well, phone was the closest word, and checked the clock, then nodded to himself. He'd gotten it right this time - it was just about time for the other gods to show up. He'd arranged it so they'd get at least a bit of time to themselves, hopefully, to get ready for everything, clear up any problems, make sure that everything would run smoothly, and unless some of Yavanna's audience from last time were especially eager, they'd have the run of the place for a while. ... Or, well, that, or unless someone stumbled across the giant, multicolored jade construct he'd attached to the entryway to make sure nobody missed the place. That could also happen. But really, he was sure it'd be fine - now, it was just time to wait for the rest to arrive.

So, looks like I'll give this a go! As is probably obvious but I figure I'll say it anyways, this is intended to be a performance by several of the gods - and if everyone is interested in sliding in, I'd honestly be thrilled. As it stands, I'm thinking I'll leave this for at least a day or two, to make sure everybody's gotten a chance to have their god show up and mark their place, before the show properly starts.

I'm somewhat tentatively setting the date to August 7th - I think that ought to work as a relatively early point in the month, and is early enough that it's possible that nobody else has performed yet, though I'm definitely not definitively positioning this as everyone but Yavanna's first performance, and gives it enough time after Yavanna's concert for word to have really spread, and enough time after the Council for everyone who heard about it there to have time to design their performances.

For performance order... well, I'm open to suggestions if this doesn't sound like it will work, but otherwise, I'm going to say, for at least an idea of how we'll kick things off, that I'd appreciate it if everyone could say if they'd rather perform towards the beginning, middle, or end. When things properly kick off, I'll randomly pick someone who's interested in performing towards the beginning to start us off, which will be in this section under the actual beginning. If you're willing to be in that pool, please make sure you can have a decent expectation of posting a performance within twenty-four hours of the kick-off going up. If you're pretty sure you'll be able to do that and something changes, just send me a message (preferably over Discord, though I'll try and check my email) or edit your post - I'll double-check everyone's preferences before the kick-off to make sure I've got a good idea of when everyone wants to go. Once the kick-off is up, if you've got a specific spot you'd like, feel free to message me if there's a specific slot you'd like, though that will be first-come, first-served.

As another note, if anybody has any ideas for interesting things they'd like to go down during their performances, go ahead and swing those by each other and/or me - as long as however it's done doesn't start to slow down the train, I certainly have no objections. And while I'm thinking about the substance of the performances, consider the technology sufficiently advanced enough and the magic dramatic enough that you can include whatever special effects you want, and it can easily be assumed that any preparations were done during the shifts between gods.

And speaking of the shifts! This RP is also open to anybody who isn't playing a god. There will be enough time between performances for conversations to happen and such, which for the moment I'm thinking will happen in sub-sub-threads. It's also definitely possible for the gods to wander through the crowd when they're not on stage - Gaia almost certainly will be, when he's not making sure everything's running smoothly!

Alright. That's all the notes I can think of for now, so let's see what happens from here!

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