Subject: Lady Kee'ra couldn't help but fidget in her seat.
Posted on: 2020-08-18 20:14:50 UTC

Now that she had shared what she intended to, her ability to stay serious and entirely composed was waning. She'd started playing with her dagger again to control the excess energy, but perhaps she didn't have to. Yavanna and El-Ahrairah were formal, but Tash seemed not to care for presentation, Gaia was quite casual, and Mary Poppins had a quiet sense of whimsy.

Perhaps she simply needed to be, and let the chips fall where they would.

"I'm Lady Kee'ra, from Ace Attorney." She glanced around, slightly uncertain. "I must be divine to be here at all, but it's... complicated. Suffice to say I am a warrior and guardian of the fruit of my sister's labor." She gestured at the sprite sitting on her mask. "And this is Pommi, a kwami from Miraculous Ladybug."

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