Subject: Instantly, Yavanna staggered, nearly falling to the floor.
Posted on: 2020-08-23 21:28:24 UTC

"Stars!" he gasped. "What in the Void?"

"Tanfin?" Bella grabbed at his arm. "Um, Yavanna, I mean. What's wrong?"

Jasmine, meanwhile, was looking around with a critical eye. "Is this the future?" she asked. "It's a bit of a mess. What's that?"

Yavanna straightened up, shaking off Bella's hands, and tried to focus. "It's screaming," he said, his voice ragged. "They're screaming."

It had been woodland before their trip to the future: a small copse of copper and silver birch, the sort of place birds might nest.

Now, it was a fortress.

The trees had grown enormous, their once-slender trunks several feet wide. Their roots and boughs had woven together, forging an impenetrable wall which gleamed with near-metallic light. A single staircase, flanked by branches curled into claws, led up to a circular summit, and what could only be described as a throne of living wood, .

Yavanna reached up and touched his crown. The bastion's design was almost identical. "But it can't be," he murmured, "I wouldn't... can't you hear them screaming?"

This could be his or Gaia's work, or potentially the Raven Queen sending Yavanna a message.

D'you reckon this should be the only stop for the Magic School Bus, or should we go on to 2 years later as well? I'm happy to drop a full 'gods gone wild' future right here, but can also make it 'gods gone a bit hubris' and save the properly crazy stuff for later. :)


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